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Thoughts At The End Of 2023

Thoughts at the End of 2023

Thoughts for the End of 2023 – Active listening for more understanding & humanity!

Another eventful year is coming to an end. As in the previous year, climate crisis, wars, transformation of society, AI and digitalization remained our companions and will certainly continue to concern us in 2024.

We are slowly getting used to the fact that change accompanies us constantly. Changes are an essential part of life. How else could humanity have developed?

As far as the current transformation of society, which always goes hand in hand with technological progress, according to The Future:Project the mega trends Individualization & Connectivity with Human Digitality & Conscious Economy, among others, will accompany us as transformations in shaping the future and will serve as models for implementation.
But how do you manage to live individuality in everyday life and stay in meaningful, social interaction with people?

When I think of a society in which I would like to live, it is a social society where we become human together and reciprocally humanize each other.

There is this social society in Global North & Global South and it needs to be protected and expanded by

In my work as a senior business coach and mentor for the development of managers and people, curious active listening helps me a lot to understand my counterpart and to be inspired by new things and to learn something for myself.

After more than 30 years, I am very grateful for the respect, the fields of learning and a healthy life in my adopted home of Hamburg, the gateway to the world! In this gateway to the world we know how to live good with humans of different cultures. So I look positively into the future!

I wish everyone a peaceful end to the year and more understanding and humanity in 2024!

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