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Thoughts At The End Of 2022

Thoughts at the End of 2022

Thoughts at the end of 2022 & with respect, understanding and humor into the year 2023!

Another eventful year is coming to an end.
In addition to COVID19 and the climate crisis, the war in Ukraine came in February. These crises will probably still be with us in 2023.

In 2022, I increasingly noticed that in discussions, in the media and especially in social networks, the „ME- position“ and positive self-portrayal are increasingly coming to the fore. Humans as social beings act in an interpersonal system, where, among other things, „belonging“ and „overall system before individual system“ apply (see System-Gesetze).

For this reason I wanted to give food for thought about respect, mutual understanding and different views of the world with the selection of the quote from Queen Elizabeth II.

If I treat my counterpart with respect and listen with openness, I get to know a different view of the world. This different perspective could enrich my life. At least respect and openness create mutual understanding. Because understanding is needed to resolve conflicts and successfully overcome crises.

Wish everyone respectful and understanding moments spiced with a pinch of humor in 2023!

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