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Xmas Greetings & Thoughts At The End Of 2020

Xmas Greetings & Thoughts at the End of 2020

Oh – what a moving 2020 is almost behind us.

Many new words such as the incidence value, the number of reproductions and physical distancing have dominated our daily routine, which has to be completely reorganized since spring.

AHA* as an expression of astonishment took on a completely new meaning. With the rapid development of new vaccines, the old meaning comes back.

Despite the many changes, I experienced many constants, such as working together, exploring new things, maintaining old traditions, creativity in all situations and great, deep conversations. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the constants and gave me a great feeling of safety.

I am looking forward to the coming year 2021 with hope and confidence, which – as every year – will have many beautiful constants in store for us and where physical distancing is steadily decreasing.

I wish you lots of enjoyment for the rest of this year and a healthy, social and joyful year 2021!

* AHA (Abstand • Hygiene • Alltagsmaske)  is currently used in Germany for distance, hygiene and everyday mask
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