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Leadership & Golf

Lead – Motivate

As leader you share a lot of topics with a successful golf player. Your mental strength influences your team and can increase team motivation to the top. You know that more than 60% of a successful round of golf is based on your capabilities in mental strenghts. Nearly the same in business where the company climate influences nearly 90% the company results.

As well as in business a round of golf is determined by framework parameters such as the nature of the place, the weather, the flight partners. But these parameters make the game for golfers interesting and exciting. Similarly in  business context many factors influence the success or failure of projects, financial results and to the development of staff. But these challenges enjoy successful leaders.

In the future working environment speed and time are the main competitive advantages.
BUT time is limited and most of the golfplaying leaders want to spend more time with golf.

So imagine – you get your answer to similar questions as followns AND improve your HCP

– How to ensure future business success?
– How to design a motivating and innovative working environment?
– How to reach professional success and personal fulfillment?

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We offer executive staff trainings, exclusive business retreats and individual management sparring „on the green“.

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